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How do you complain to the ABCD about an actuary's conduct? What happens once a complaint has been made?

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ABCD members make educational presentations at actuarial seminars and clubs, regulators' meetings, and elsewhere. Contact us to request an ABCD speaker for one of your meetings.

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The Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline was established by the U.S. actuarial organizations to strengthen members' adherence to the recognized standards of ethical and professional conduct.


The ABCD Adopts Revised Version of the ABCD Rules of Procedure
The ABCD recently adopted a revised version of the ABCD Rules of Procedure. An exposure was issued in May 2012 and received several comment letters. As a result, various changes were made to the final Rules of Procedure in response to those comments. A summary of the comments received can be found here. We also produced a Flow Chart of the ABCD's Investigation Process Target Timeline. The revised ABCD Rules of Procedure are effective January 1, 2014.

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This regular column in Contingencies highlights the ABCD's work and important professionalism issues.

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Rules of Procedure

The ABCD "Rules of Procedure" explains how the ABCD does its work. This succinct guide describes how the Board offers guidance, deals with confidential information, and evaluates complaints, among other topics.