In addition to considering cases involving possible violations of the Code of Professional Conduct, the ABCD provides confidential guidance to actuaries who ask for help in interpreting the Code and/or actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs) and U.S. Qualification Standards.

In most cases, the requests are informal. Generally, an individual ABCD member answers an informal inquiry. These responses represent the individual ABCD member’s considered opinion, not necessarily the views of the ABCD as a whole.

In other cases, more formal responses are requested. The ABCD as a whole considers such matters, and, if appropriate, provides written formal guidance.

The ABCD also responds to requests for guidance from actuarial students.

How to request guidance

Most requests for guidance are made by email or by phone to the ABCD office (, 202.785.7885) or to an individual ABCD member.

Whether the request comes to the ABCD office or directly to an ABCD member, informal guidance is generally provided within a few days, and sometimes immediately. In unusual circumstances, it may take longer.

Before you request guidance

Please see Section I of the ABCD’s Rules of Procedure, which discusses

  • the difference between informal guidance and an expression of opinion by the entire ABCD
  • confidentiality considerations
  • the various ways the ABCD responds to requests for guidance

Published guidance by the ABCD

Discussion papers

  • Discussion papers are primarily written and developed through the Academy’s Committee on Professional Responsibility to promote actuarial professionalism, including knowledge of standards of conduct, qualification, and practice within the profession. This list of discussion papers suggest ways to assist actuaries in improving their daily practice and increasing their awareness of professionalism. discussion papers are not promulgated by any standard-setting body and are not binding upon any actuary. Read them here.


If you have any questions about requesting guidance, contact ABCD Counsel Ed Lee at 202-223-8196 or