Risk to the Actuary

Actuaries love to measure risk. Risk is directly involved in our calculations: Mortality/longevity risk. Morbidity risk. Turnover risk. Investment return risk. Asset/liability mismatch risk. Risk of underprovision for expenses. Risk of bad data. Risk that our models are incorrect. These are the technical areas that actuaries are trained to analyze. We love this stuff! Sometimes these can be quantified in … Read More

A Million Little Things

There is a show that I try to watch called A Million Little Things. It takes place in Boston and follows a group of close friends who are dealing with many current societal issues. I enjoy how it presents issues in a creative way that is both thoughtful and entertaining. The show also provides different perspectives on important issues. One of … Read More

Where Do You Practice?

I work for a U.S.-based office of an international consulting firm. I joined the firm more than 20 years ago when many of our clients were based in the areas local to my office. But consolidation in the insurance industry has reduced the number of local insurers and increased the international presence of many of the remaining companies. The evolution … Read More

Who Knows 14?

If you ask anyone you meet about the significance of the number 14, the reply will probably relate to Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th of February. For the historian, 14 may represent the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, the inclusion of Vermont as the 14th state of the United States in 1791, or Flag Day, celebrated on … Read More